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      Moscow (Escape From Tarkov) 1.2.4 ~ Testing
      Denver (Call Of Duty: Warzone) 1.0.1 ✓ Work & Undetected

      Important information:
      PayPal payments are currently available (please join our discord above for more informations)
      Having multiple accounts here on the forum prevent this will result in you being banned !
      Please update your licenses instead of buying new ones !

Moscow is a simple but powerful tool for the famous game Escape From Tarkov. We are self-updating assets after every big game update to ensure stability and reliability. There are many advantages using this kind of launcher rather than classic memory-based cheats (safety, funny features, etc). We don't just provide assets, we provide a bypass and continuous updates.

We are giving a free trial in exchange of a good review!
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• On the right side hit "Purchase", then select a duration and click "Add to cart"
• Open your cart and click "Checkout", then enter your personal details and "Save"
• Read and agree our terms and rules, then click "Proceed to payment"
• Pickup a payment option and click "Proceed"
• Then follow the instructions to proceed the payment​


Ensure ALL anti-viruses are TOTALLY disabled (Windows Defender, Avast, Avira, etc)
Download the loader from the Store (click on your license tag and click download)
Renamed loader
Run the loader as administrator
Type 'n' in the console and type your key
Select options to your liking (refer to the feature-list table below for specific information)
Wait for installation
You can now go in game
Close the launcher when you stop playing​

Product Information

Windows 10 (1903 and newer) INTEL/AMD
Release date
Last update

Pricing information

1 Day
Renewal cost
7 Days
Renewal cost
1 Month
Renewal cost
1 Year
Renewal cost